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founded in 2005 by 3 Oncosurgeons - Dr. Pinakin Shah, Dr. Brijesh Patel and Dr. Jasmin Vasavada.

Shubham Cancer Centre

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Our journey

By converting the zeal of youths into their duty as doctors, they left their mark in consulting.


Journey as a Consultant

After passing out of the Civil Medical College, the three doctors joined the Sushruta Residency as consultants. By converting the zeal of youth into his duty as a doctor, he left his mark in consultancy. Thus, the hard work put in in the early years is considered to be the first step in the ladder of his success, from where the journey of success was to start.


Start of hospital

After working as a consultancy, started a hospital at Usmanpura, Ahmedabad. That was taken on rent. Worked under the same hospital for two years.


Shubham Cancer Care Centre

Based on the efforts of Shubham Hospital, the foundation of a new multispeciality hospital – Shubham Cancer Centre – has been laid this year due to the unprecedented love of the citizens.